Galaxy Burger Sci Fi Adventure

Galaxy Burger Pop Up Dates: January 29 2021 until February 20 2021

Location:  Springfield Mall 1200 Baltimore Pike Springfield PA 19064 

Times: Fri and Sat 11 am until 7:00pm. Sun 12 am until 5:30pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 4pm until 7pm.

Tickets are timed to every thirty minutes. You have two and a half hours to experience the entire adventure. Tickets must be timed due to COVID 19 safety measures and to ensure everyone has a fun and safe adventure.

Thirty minutes are to eat and enjoy our restaurant. Two hours remain to enjoy all of our other activities and adventures.

Please schedule a time for your adventure in which you can arrive at least 10 minutes early.

$5.00 processing fee on all tickets.


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